gog-install - Install GOG.com games from .sh archives


gog-install is a command line tool for installing your GNU/Linux-compatible DRM-free games purchased on the GOG.com online store. It allows one to install the games without running the self-extractable .sh archive and the graphical installer.

This tool was created for the following reasons:

This client is not supported in any way by GOG.com !


You can always install the latest version from PyPi using:

$ pip install gog-client

Using an archive, this software can be installed using

$ python setup.py install


$ gog-install /path/to/archive_from_gog.sh

The game will be extracted to /opt/GOG Games (use --install-dir to select the target directory).

The game can be launched with:

$ /opt/GOG Games/Fancy Name of the Game/start.sh

There is nothing pointing to this directory (.desktop files, symbolic links or scripts /usr/local/bin, etc), so you can freely rename or move the directory containing the game.



Bugs and comments

Please submit bug reports on the issues tracker.


Humble is free software, released under the term of the GPLv3+.

Copyright 2016 Olivier Schwander <olivier.schwander@ens-lyon.org>